Nuclear Energy Policy

congressERI performs assessments of non-proliferation issues, nuclear fuel reprocessing and recycle, plutonium disposition options, the utilization of nuclear weapons derived fissile material in the commercial nuclear fuel cycle; international nuclear trade issues; analysis of the views of key U.S. energy policy makers regarding the nuclear energy option.

ERI offers nuclear energy policy consulting services that include:

  • Analyses of international nuclear trade issues and non-proliferation policies.
  • Assessment of technical, economic and policy issues associated with spent nuclear fuel reprocessing and recycle of plutonium and uranium
  • Assessment of the political, regulatory issues, and financial issues associated with the use in U.S. light water reactors of mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel derived from excess weapons grade plutonium
  • International nuclear trade issues,
  • Views of key U.S. energy policy makers and institutional participants regarding the nuclear energy option.
  • Review of nuclear fuel supply and fuel cycle economics for a Small Modular Reactor (SMR) design.
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