Nuclear Fuel Cycle Cost Accounting Model – FUELMACS©

fuelmacsERI consultants implement and support the FUELMACS© Fuel Management and Accounting System, a PC-based system for nuclear fuel management activities including nuclear fuel cost forecasting, financial planning, and fuel fabrication bid analyses.  FUELMACS© is designed to aid in the preparation of the extensive financial planning and nuclear fuel forecasting reports that are associated with nuclear fuel cost planning, reporting and forecasting. Preparation of these financial planning and forecasting reports can be time-intensive. These reports draw information from a multitude of plant operating schedules, supply contracts, pooling and financial arrangements that are associated with nuclear power plant projects within the operating company’s system.

The objectives of FUELMACS© are:

  • To significantly reduce the amount of time spent in the manipulation of data associated with preparation of nuclear fuel financial and accounting reports
  • To provide a single, well-maintained and controlled source of physical, contractual, and financial fuel cycle data for each nuclear power plant in a nuclear operating company’s system
  • To facilitate the updating and expansion of required analytical capabilities as well as a broad range of data requirements

FUELMACS© simulates the plant and fuel cycle operating strategies as well as the contractual and financial environment in which the plant(s) operate.

The user may choose to model an entire project comprised of up to 24 plants and 7 participant owners. Alternatively, the user may model the obligations of as few as one of the participant owners for a single nuclear power plant. Studies may be performed for periods of up to 60 years, in a single run.

Industry Experience with FUELMACS©

FUELMACS© is presently licensed to seven nuclear operating companies with fuel management responsibility for approximately one-quarter of the nuclear power plants in the U.S. 

As fuel managers are being asked to do more with less, FUELMACS© may be just the tool to assist you in simplifying your fuel management accounting and reporting requirements.