Nuclear Fuel Cycle Supply and Price Report

nuclear-fuel-cycle smThe ERI annual Nuclear Fuel Cycle Supply and Price Report is a comprehensive report, of approximately 400 pages, that provides a current and in-depth assessment of each segment of the international nuclear fuel market. Market segments addressed in the report include nuclear power prospects, natural uranium, uranium conversion services, uranium enrichment services, fuel fabrication, and spent fuel disposal.

Nuclear Power: ERI develops nuclear power growth forecasts on a plant-by-plant basis for the United States, Canada, Western Europe, East Asia, Eastern Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Peoples Republic of China, and other countries. These forecasts are based on assessments of the social, political, and economic conditions and prospects for nuclear power in these countries and regions.

Natural Uranium: ERI examines the world uranium market, including analysis of worldwide inventories, projection of uranium requirements, uranium supply contract commitments, and unfilled requirements. Uranium supply analyses includes evaluation of uranium reserves and resources of supplier countries and projected uranium production capability. Long-term prices for uranium are projected.

Conversion Services: ERI analyzes the international market for conversion of natural uranium from U3O8 to UF6. This includes an assessment of the requirements for uranium conversion services, primary conversion services supply capability and weapons-derived inventories, factors affecting the conversion services market, and the long term market outlook. Long-term prices for conversion services are projected.

Enrichment Services: ERI analyzes the international market for uranium enrichment services. This includes an examination of the major factors affecting the requirements for enrichment services, such as world nuclear capacity, operating performance and tails assay. Individual supplier production capability and weapons-derived inventories are assessed. The result of these analyses is a projection of the outlook for competition in the enrichment market, as well as price projections for uranium enrichment services under a range of scenarios.

Fabrication Services: ERI assesses the U.S. fuel fabrication market, including the supply capability of individual fabricators and projected commercial fabrication requirements. ERI also examines the worldwide market for fabrication services, including individual supplier capability and projected fuel fabrication requirements. Long-term prices for U.S. light water reactor fuel fabrication services are projected.

Spent Fuel Management: ERI describes the status of international programs for storage and disposal of radioactive waste.  For the U.S. ERI also examines the adequacy of the current nuclear waste disposal fee with respect to projections of program expenditures.

The development of technology for dry storage of spent fuel and U.S. unit costs for onsite dry spent fuel storage are also examined.